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60 Night Sleep Trial! Due to COVID and record order volumes, there may be a delay in shipping times. 60 Night Sleep Trial! Due to COVID and record order volumes, there may be a delay in shipping times.
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Every Therapeutic Wedge Pillow comes with

Don't Let Your Sleep Suffer Due To The Improper Pillow

The Dosaze™ Therapeutic Wedge Pillow is specifically designed to elevate your back and neck, improving (or even, eliminating) a number of severe symptoms for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

An elevated sleeping posture has numerous health benefits - it helps open your airways to help you breathe, reduces pressure along your back, and combats acid reflux.

We knew that an elevated sleep posture wasn't enough - that's why we added a cooling gel to the top of the pillow to regulate your temperature all night.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Dosaze™ any better than my current pillow?

Our pillow is uniquely designed to gradually elevate your neck and back. This gradual incline helps elevate your neck and back while also relieving pressure. An elevated sleeping posture has numerous health benefits - from reducing snoring and acid reflux, to combatting sleep apnea. Our cooling gel regulates your temperature all night long.

What is your return policy?

We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in the quality of our pillow, so we want all our customers to be happy. If you have an issue, please contact our customer support team at

Is there a removable cover on the Dosaze™ Therapeutic Wedge Pillow?

Yes! The Therapeutic Wedge Pillow has an easy to remove cover that is machine washable.

What materials is the Therapeutic Wedge Pillow made of?

The Therapeutic Wedge Pillow is made up of memory foam, with a layer of cooling gel on the top. The cover is 60% polyester and 40% recycled bamboo.

How much does the Therapeutic Wedge Pillow weigh?

The Therapeutic Wedge Pillow weighs about 5 pounds. 

What size is the Therapeutic Wedge Pillow?

The Therapeutic Wedge Pillow measures 24 in. L x 22 in. W x 7 in. H.


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United States United States
Better than exptected!!

I strained my neck and pulled something in my shoulder and this helped with the pain and is surprisingly comfortable. So comfortable that while my boyfriend bought this pillow for me I had to order one for him as well because he kept taking mine!! Lol he uses it as a back pillow when he plays video games. It’s much nicer than expected. Just be careful not to cut the actual pillow when you take it out of the plastic and set it aside for 24 hours before use. The photo is of the pillow just freshly opened a few hours ago. It will fully decompress in 24 hours

B. Nelson
United States United States
PERFECT for post mastectomy sleeping in bed!

I really adore my spouse and couldn't imagine sleeping away from him after my bilateral mastectomy - so many people said I would need to sleep in a recliner. But this wedge pillow saved me and I slept well from the first night I got home. I highly recommend the wedge - I am 100% pleased!

Berry G.
United States United States
Helps with Circulation

I bought this for a friend who is suffering from heart disease and unable to sleep flat due to poor circulation. After using the wedge for both raising the upper part of his body as well as elevating his legs, circulation improved. He reports having pink legs, no long blue from lack of circulation. Friend is very happy with this Dosaze Therapeutic Wedge Pillow with Cooling Gel Layer On Top.

United States United States
3-4 Months Later - Still Very Nice!

Back in early December I broke my back; L1 crushed. This pillow made sleep possible, and it retained it's shape and support despite me being a bigger guy, at 6'3" 245 pounds. Had I known how good this pillow was, I would have happily paid double the price; absolutely worth it. It hasn't lost it's shape, it's support, or anything. I sleep on it all night, and it's not even the tiniest bit squished in the morning! And my wife says I don't snore - I suppose that is a bonus

Mark F.
United States United States
I have acid-reflux and this

I have acid-reflux and this pillow allows me to have a great night's sleep. It's super comfortable allowing me to slip on my back and side.