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Dosaze™ Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

32 reviews


The Dosaze™ Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow has been specifically designed by in-house ergonomists to promote proper sleep posture for side sleepers. Sleeping on your side helps reduce sleep apnea, back pain, and snoring.

The Dosaze™ Side Sleeper Pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers (and combination side and back sleepers).

 Innovative crescent design is perfect for side sleepers, relieving pressure on your shoulder so you can sleep deeply all night long
 Fully adjustable height to fill the gap between your head and shoulders and maintain neutral spine and neck alignment
 Proprietary glacier cool  cover is paired with the a shredded memory foam fill to increase breathability, temperature regulation, and comfort all night long

We've Created The Perfect Pillow For Side Sleepers

The Dosaze™ Side Sleeper Pillow is specifically designed for side sleepers (and combination side and back sleepers). We sleep in different positions - some on our side, some on our back, and some on our stomachs - and our pillow should be customized to our sleep position.

Shoulder Cutout

Cooling Memory Foam

Allergen Proof

Reduce Neck & Shoulder Pain

Let your head rest on our revolutionary Charcoal Bamboo Memory Foam and feel the relief from neutral spinal alignment of your neck and back. Reduce pressure on your shoulder by placing it our unique Sleep Wave shoulder contour.

Stay Cool All Night

Our ventilated Dosaze™ Air Foam, paired with our proprietary CoolGel will regulate your temperature all night long.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Rest easy knowing you're sleeping on an antimicrobial fabric. Our SilverTech™ threads are woven into the TENCEL™ cover to inhibit bacteria and promote a more hypoallergenic sleep surface.

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60 Night Sleep Trial

3 Year Warranty

Dosaze™ Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow




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P. Tucker
United States United States

side sleeper pillow

I've only slept on it for 3 nights because I received it as a Christmas present .but so far I really like it compared to my old my pillow. only reason for 4 stars is because I thought it was a little pricey

Jennifer S.
United States


This is the perfect pillow for a side sleeper! I love the way it wraps around my shoulder to support my head without being bulky. It's soft, but supportive! I couldn't be happier with this pillow!

Jeremy L.
United States

Solved my shoulder pain

Slept without tossing and turning all night for the first time in years!!! Best pillow I have found! I have purchased tons of different pillows over the last 5 or so years and this pillow is exactly what I had been trying to find. I've tried several different curved pillows, firm pillows, bead filled pillows, memory foam pillows, and bamboo pillows. Nothing seemed to really make my neck feel good like this pillow. The cut out allows you to sleep on your side with your neck in proper posture. And the cooling gel keeps you cool all night. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who sleeps on their side and has neck pain.

Victoria L.
United States United States

My neck pain improved dramatically

My neck pain improved dramatically within days!

Katherine T.
United States United States

Best pillow. Ever.

I set out on a 'pillow project' to search for the world's most comfortable pillow. I have a bad neck, and could not find a pillow that helped me sleep without waking up with a stiff, sore neck. I spent a couple months and tried a total of 11 different pillows. Although I tried to sleep at least several nights on each pillow before making a decision, I often found myself grabbing for the Dosaze pillow again before one night was even over on the other pillows. Dosaze was the most expensive of all the pillows I tried, so I really did not WANT to like it the best. I was hoping one of the less expensive ones would work out, but in the end, this was the ONLY pillow for me! It is very soft and comfy, yet very supportive for my neck as well. I love the way the curve wraps around my neck and back. It's like sleeping on a soft, supportive cloud. The only problem I've found with this pillow is that it's SO comfortable that I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning! There are just some things WORTH paying for, and this pillow is one of them!!!

Aurelia C.
United States United States

Comfortable rest

I started using this pillow after having a well-publicized pillow. Dosaze far exceeded the other pillow and provided the comfort that I needed!

Kristin L.
United States United States

Great find! Perfect for side and back sleeper. Worth the $$

I had cervical neck surgery over 2 years ago. I had been doing pretty good but in the last few months I noticed I was waking up with neck pain and headaches. I found this pillow on 3 random online reviews but consistently it was noted great for side and back sleepers. This pillow is amazing. My neck pain and headaches (triggered by sleep position) went away the very first night I used it. Incredible. I have a reminder to myself to reorder a new pillow exactly like this every year if needed.

United States United States

This has changed my life

That's it - this pillow changed my life.

United States

Love It!

This is fantastic! I had a fusion on my neck and a supportive pillow is necessary!!! This one is perfect and so comfortable

Dan K.
United States United States

it's wonderful

Had to get a few drinks in me to buy a $120 pillow but I'm glad I did.

Kimberly E.
United States United States

Comfortable Pillow!

This pillow is super comfortable. I was worried about other reviews that it smelled because I am super sensitive to memory foam, but noticed no odor. At first I thought the pillow was a bit flat and did not think it helped my neck pain, but after a few nights of use I looked forward to going to sleep and using my pillow. The shape is great. This pillow did not cure my neck pain, but it has improved. I am going to try adding the pillow case because others have reported it firms up a bit with the case.

United States

Perfect for side sleepers

I bought this a year ago and I'm coming back for another one to put in our guest room. Great support and the nice cool gel keeps you from getting too hot. I bought it in the Queen size and it fits a little snug on a pillow case. If you want to make sure both ends are covered, you could use two pillow cases on each end. I use my pillow with a Silvon pillow case to keep it from festering bacteria.

United States United States

Definitely recommend

Relieved the majority of back pain during sleep that I was experiencing with standard pillows. Definitely recommend

Ashley B.
United States United States

Stops the snoring!

Stops the snoring!

United States

Perfect pillow

Best pillow for us. Great for back and side sleepers. Love the gel and it keep me cooler.

United States

No More Neck Pain

I love this pillow! What a wonderful purchase!