Dosaze™ Lumbar Relief Pillow

Dosaze™ Lumbar Relief Pillow
Dosaze™ Lumbar Relief Pillow
Dosaze™ Lumbar Relief Pillow

Dosaze™ Lumbar Relief Pillow

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Why You'll Love It
Instantly transform any chair into an ergonomic, back-supporting seat to improve your posture and reduce back, shoulder and neck pain. Perfect for anyone spending long hours at a desk or even driving.

Think about sitting on any chair, the entire day, without a speck of back pain.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that sitting with poor posture leads to increased pressure and stress on the lumbosacral discs, which causes pain and can have long term health implications. Most chairs lack adequate lumbar support, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Specially designed by in-house ergonomists, the Lumbar Relief Pillow is scientifically shaped to relieve back pressure and improve sitting posture on any sofa, chair, or seat. Its fluid shape cradles the natural curvature of your back to provide effective lumbar support for all-day back comfort.

  • Dual layer memory foam and support foam for ultimate ergonomic support
  • Relieves tension on the lower, mix and upper back
  • Supports the natural curvature of your spine
  • Improve sitting posture
  • Distributes weight evenly for endless comfort
  • Fits on almost every chair
  • Dimensions: 14.6 W x 5.1 D x 16.9 H inches

All orders can be returned within 60 days from delivery. We offer a 60-day night sleep trial on all orders, so you are welcome to return the pillow, even after you have used it.

If you're not in love with your purchase during this time period, you have the option to return It to us for a full refund. Simply reach out to to initiate a return.

Eliminate Back Pain in 1 Week

If you're sitting long hours, driving or working from home, you might be experiencing back pain due to your shoulders leaning forward and your spine curving too much. The Dosaze Lumbar Cushion is your solution for relief!

Sink into Serious Comfort

The ideal companion for any seat, the Dosaze Ergonomic Back Relief Cushion can be strapped to most chairs to provide your natural lumbar curve with crucial spine support.

Best in Class Ergonomics

We designed this back cushion to be supportive in all the right places. Thanks to our double-foam layer, you'll experience total comfort while sitting with good posture.

Premium Construction & Materials

Dual layer foam – a cooling memory layer and a sturdy support layer, paired with cooling, premium fabric create a sitting experience that's as luxurious as it is ergonomic.

Sit Better. Stress Less. Do More.


I used to use my bed pillow on my office chair -- it helped a little, but I still had back pain. The Dosaze Lumbar Pillow has been THE Best soution I've found. What a RELIEF!!!

John K.
Los Angeles, CA

WOW. The memory foam layer combined with the support layer is something else. I'm so comfortable, I can't believe how properly I'm sitting.

James L.
Washington D.C.

I'm a programmer and spend hours on my computer. Even with an expensive ergonomic chair, I wasn't sitting properly. My Dosaze cushion changed all of that and I feel as comfortable as I am when I'm on my couch these days!

Kevin K.
San Francisco, CA

THE best lumbar suport pillow I've had. It is sturdy, yet soft and comfortable and has never faltered in shape for even a second. No more slouching or back cramps at my desk!

Kimberly S.
Atlanta, GA
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Joann A.
United States

love love love love it

OMG, this back cushion is amazing! I bought 2 of these cushions to replace some old ones that were falling apart. My daughter and I both have scoliosis and live with back pain every day. I saw all of the great reviews and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! I use both of them for our kitchen chairs and they are so comfortable. The memory foam is nice and soft and molds perfectly to the shape of your back. I especially like the fact that this cushion can easily be removed to fit on just about any size/type of chair. Love it so much I'm thinking about ordering two more. Whether you have back problems or not, I highly recommend this cushion. You won't be disappointed!

United States

it works!

Had really bad back pain because my chair has no back support and I spend hours on my chair. Decided to give the cushion a shot and just after a couple of days my pain was gone! Transformed my chair into a super comfortable chair. Avoided buying a new one. Check it out

United States

Less chiropractor visits so far...

Good for truck drivers. I’ve used it for 3 months in my semi. It seems too thick at first but after several days of use and correct positioning you get used to it. It might be too thick for a thin person that isn’t able to smoosh it when sitting back against it. It does seem to soften up just enough after some use so it “breaks in”. Maybe it’s not the cushion and it’s my back adjusting to the new curve. Either way I feel it has helped me tremendously. I’m 6’4” 280 lbs and it works good for me. I used to go to the chiropractor 1-2 times per week. Now it’s 1-2 times per month.

United States

I love this product

This backrest is absolutely amazing for my back pain. I've been suffering with chronic back pain pretty much my entire adult life. I've been morbidly obese my entire life, and even though I am losing weight, I still have back pain in the way. This backrest helps me have a much better posture so I'm not slouching so much when I'm sitting down, which I do a lot of when I'm relaxing. I love this backrest, I'm thinking about buying one for my car!

Robert M.
United States

If you have a bad back, you are willing to do a LOT to improve seat comfort, yeah?

I read all the 5-star reviews on this product with some skepticism, but upon receiving it today, I was at once impressed. The build quality seemed decent, and as someone else wrote, this memory foam product is the 'goldilocks' of seat cushions... not too firm and not too soft. The included elastic belt/buckle/extension units reached around my new executive chair quite easily, and I was able to adjust the height of this cushion to maximize pressure on my lower back area and thus my discomfort whilst sitting evaporated. I shot a couple of pics so you can see how well this product works and how it attaches to your existing chair. I'm not sure how this would work in an AUTOMOBILE seat as they are quite thick and wide, I did not try it in my car. Dosaze did a nice job packaging this in a plastic bag with a moisture wicking pad, instruction sheet, and lifetime warranty registration (online) instructions. I was impressed, as the manufacturer even gives their email address and invites you to immediately contact them if there are any issues or defects, and they will directly send you a replacement! That's outstanding, tells me they have confidence in their product. For the small price, I think this is a worthwhile purchase, and speaking as a person who is now dealing with daily chronic sciatic and lower back pain, I regard this item as a very good purchase decision on my part and recommend anyone in similar circumstances to try it. Given Dosaze's liberal return policy, why not? I didn't even take it out of the plastic bag until I sat in my chair a bit and tried it out. I tried a different lumbar support (purchased on Amazon) - that item is from a different memory foam manufacturer well known for their mattresses. The chair itself is also from that same famous memory foam manufacturer, but the chair did not support my lower back at all, even trying every conceivable adjustment on the chair. So this cushion was a Godsend. Mark me a happy camper.

United States

Good purchase

I use this in the car and it’s been a great help when my back acts up and in general with my posture while sitting. I’m going to buy again for my dad who also had back issues. Great product. Has belts to secure to your chair. Doesn’t fit around the car seat but contrary to what another reviewer wrote, it stays in place.

Janet P.
United States

Awesome Birthday Gift For My Mom

I bought this back cushion for my mom who has sciatica issues. I first heard about Dosaze when buying a pillow and I love my pillow so much so I thought the Dosaze back cushion would help my mom. I was right and my mom absolutely loves it!

United States

Support and comfort at a good price

I have arthritis in my hip which also causes back pain. Sitting could often be quite painful, but this back pad makes it tolerable. The two straps adjust to different chairs and keep the pad firmly in place. I did not have problems with an unpleasant smell as some reviewers have stated. I am quite pleased with my purchase an would recommend it to others who need that extra back support.

James D.
United States

Saved a family vacation

I wanted to wait and leave a review of this cushion after I took the family on a 1300 mile trip in an RV a few weeks ago in order to give it a thorough test run. I knew that much driving would be problematic at best for my lower back and after sitting in the pilot's chair I knew immediately that I would need a lot of support. After a quick scan of Google, this cushion rose to the top and for good reason. I've had lower back issues for the past 17 years and sitting in a for prolonged periods of time and wreak havoc on my back. This cushion did an amazing job at supporting my lower back which allowed me to actually enjoy being on the trip instead of merely suffering through it.

United States

I'd say this was definitely the best choice one can make

As a software developer, this is exactly what I was looking. Between choosing a brand new "gaming" type chair that can help me sit for hours (Meaning i'd have to replace my computer chair that was not cheap), or choosing this "Dosaze". I'd say this was definitely the best choice one can make. Comes with double straps for tight grip. Well worth it for the price

Carrie R.
United States

Excellent buy

This back cushion is the best thing while sitting driving helps with the pressure on my back and comfortable as well

United States

Works well!

Helps my lower back!

United States

Spine surgery

I am 6 feet tall and I weigh 75 kilos. After my MicroDiscectomy surgery, I bOught two Lumbar supports as I wasn’t sure of the quality and firmness. 1) Dosaze comfort support 2) LoveHome Memory foam lumbar support The Dosaze comfort egronomic support has a firm support and keeps the lumbar are welll held. I switched it with lovehome memory foam lumbar foam and it wouldn’t give adequate support to the lumbar region and I felt my back was not comfortable and supported. The build quality was equally good but the everlasting has no chemical smell at all while lovehome had a lot of chemical smell. So for me, everlasting comfort back support wins!

Brenda S.
United States

Great products’

I also have the Dosaze pillows. Both products are worth every penny. They provide not only great cushioning but help heal sores from sitting too much after surgery. I highly recommend their products!

United States

Takes some getting used to, but seems good

I've only had it a short time and I've only used it a couple times on short car trips. That being said, I think it will help a lot on long trips. It takes some getting used to and a little adjusting to find what works for you but I think it was a good investment. As you can see from the pictures, it sits kind of funny in my smaller cars seats, but once you sit in the chair it fills the gap. I'm taking a longer trip this weekend, so I will try to get back on here with an update.

Becca T.
United States

This Cushion Delivers Comfort and Support!

This product is perfect for my needs and is made of durable, breathable, washable fabric. I recently started a new job in a government office where the budget is lean, so I didn't want to start off, asking for another chair. After a few days of sitting in my issued chair, I began to experience real back pain. (My predecessor in the job was a man, and his chair is simply too big for me!) I realized a back cushion would solve the problem, but not just any cushion--one with real durability, comfort AND support. The "Pure Memory foam Back" is so nice and comfortable--the straps keep it in place, so I'm not having to constantly adjust it. I highly recommend this product, if you sit in a chair all day and have any back issues. I am so happy with this product!