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Performance Moisture-Wicking Pillow Protector



Say goodbye to drool stains and sneezing! Dosaze Performance Moisture-Wicking pillow protectors help protect your pillows from stains while forming a hygienic barrier between you and dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, pollen, and pet dander – whew.

Our pillow protectors are also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they don't contain any harmful substances or chemicals, ensuring allergy-friendly comfort and wellness. 


☁️ 3M Scotchgard™ stain release treatment protects against stains
☁️ Waterproof barrier protects against liquids
☁️  Barrier coating blocks dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, pollen, and pet dander
☁️  Engineered zipper flaps keep intruders out
☁️  Inner seams are stitch-lapped for extra protection
☁️  Durable polyester microfiber is hot water washable
☁️  Includes a set of 2
☁️  OEKO-TEX® certified.

Anti-Dust Mite Fabric

Stain Repellent

Waterproof Lining

Extend The Life Of Your Pillow

Sweat, drool, dust mites, and even bed bugs can damage, stain, and otherwise degrade your pillow - our 3M-fortified, waterproof, and stain resistant pillowcase uses a proprietary fabric to protect your pillow and extend its life for years.

A Powerful Barrier

Blocks dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, pollens and pet dander so you can sleep in peace.

No More Drool Stains

Yellow stains? Don't know em!!! Protect your pillow against sweat, drool and the occasional spill with our proprietary water-repellant fabric.

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3 Year Warranty

Performance Moisture-Wicking Pillow Protector

  • What materials is the Performance Pillow Protector made of?

    OEKO-TEX® certified micro-fiber cotton blend, treated with 3M stain release treatment.

  • Why is a Pillow Protector necessary?

    Pillowcases alone themselves are not adequate to protect your pillow from these hazards. Pillowcases are made from material that isn't waterproof, dust resistant, or bacteria resistant. As a result, sweat and other fluids can seep through and cause some not-so pleasing stains. Add to this the fact that pillowcases are open-ended, and it's easy to see why most pillows last fewer than 2 years!

    A pillow protector ensures your pillow stays free of stains and also zips over your pillow to ensure maximum protection.

    Unlike other pillow protectors, ours does not create white noise and it feels so soft some of our customers even sleep on them by themselves.

  • What size the the Performance Pillow Protector?

    Our Performance Pillow Protector comes in a queen size only (which will fit your Dosaze Contoured Pillow & Adjustable Pillow). It comes in a pack of 2.

  • What is your return policy?


    We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

    Protectors & Accessories: 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    If you have an issue, please contact our customer support team at