What Makes Dosaze The Most Popular Pillowcase In The World?

The Dosaze Silk Pillowcase has become a viral sensation in just a year. Selling out numerous times, people are switching to Dosaze saying things like "they'll never sleep on anything else."

With over 5,000 5-star reviews, those who have tried Dosaze swear that it does what it says it does.

So what exactly does it do?


It protects your skin and prevents aging

Your face comes direct contact with your pillowcase every night. Pillowcases made from most fabrics absorb moisture and lotions you put on your face before bed. This causes sleep wrinkles, blemishes, dryness, irriation, and oily skin.

These oils and lotions are a breeding ground for filthy, harmful bacteria that clog your pores. The Dosaze Silk Pillowcase solves this problem.

Because it's silk, the pillowcase won't absorb the lotions you apply or the oils on your face while you sleep. When you wake up, your face won't be damaged or dried out!

Your skin can repair itself each and every night!

Waking up to neck aches and pain? Not anymore!
It works for side, back and even stomach sleepers


Unlike cheap satin and polyester alternatives

From first glance, silk might seem comparable to satin and polyester, but don't let that confuse you.

Silk is a 100% natural fiber that is hypoallergenic, soft, and smooth. Satin is cheaper fabric that is made from fibers that have undergone chemicals during the manufacturing process.

This is why silk is the best material to sleep on every night. It's 100% natural and has no chemicals which means vibrant hair and zero static. The chemicals in satin are known to cause static!

Silk doesn't absorb moisture like cotton or satin which reduces dryness in your skin while sleeping.


Look better, feel great, and have healthy hair

Sleeping on a high-quality 22-Momme 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase will improve your life.

The Dosaze pillowcase reduces the friction on your hair, making it nonexistent. As a result, your hair won't tug, pull, or get tangled while you sleep. And because the pillowcase is frictionless, you won't get split ends or breakages either.

When you sleep on a Dosaze pillowcase, you'll wake up with healthier, shinier hair!

Waking up to neck aches and pain? Not anymore!
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Always cool, always comfortable

Ever wonder what it would feel like to sleep through the entire night? 

With the Dosaze pillowcase, that dream will become a reality, every night!

The Dosaze pillowcase is thermoregulating, meaning it's always cool, cozy, and comfortable. Say goodbye to tossing and turning. Stop flipping the pillow over to the "cool side." 

Every side is cool with Dosaze, no matter the time of year.


It's naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Dosaze is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, meaning its perfect for allergies.

Cotton pillowcases are a breeding ground for bacteria. Beacuse your pillowcase is made of thousands of fibers, bacteria can grow easily and quickly. 

Dosaze is made of silk that is resistant to mold, fungi, and other allergens. It's also treated with additional silver ions to ensure it's extra resistant!

Waking up to neck aches and pain? Not anymore!
Try it, sleep on it, and love it for 60 days or your money back


It lasts a lifetime and is super easy to clean.

You can machine wash your Dosaze pillowcase over and over again without ruining it.

Because the Dosaze pilowcase is made of silk and is treated with antimicrobial silver ions, you can actually wash it 3x less than your typical pillowcase without worry about freshness or cleanliness.

The Dosaze pillowcase will always smell like it did the very first day you used it!


Love it or your money back

If you don't absolutely love the Dosaze pillowcase after 60 days, send it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Waking up to neck aches and pain? Not anymore!

Award-Winning Silk Pillowcase

5000+ Verified Reviews

Dosaze 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Luxurious Sleep Awaits


Ultra-cool and breathable 

Silver-infused anti-acne technology 

Naturally combats hair frizz 

Reverse-aging effect on skin


Try & love it for 60 days or your money back