Dosaze™ Cooling Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector

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"The best waterproof, cooling mattress
protector hands down "

"Beautiful product! Soft and comfortable. My dog threw up on the bed and the protector got soaked, but my mattress was fine. I was worried that there’d be a stain and I’d have to scrub it out, but the protector washed beautifully the first time."

John L. - Verified Reviewer

"We LOVE this new mattress protector! It is easy to put on and it doesn't have that plastic-y feel to it. My old mattress protector did not stay on my bed well (the sides always shifted) and made me feel like i was sleeping on plastic under my sheets. The Dosaze one stays put and feels more like a mattress pad - in that it does not have that plastic-y feel at all! It is a total game changer! Especially if you have pets or kids!"

Shari A. - Verified Reviewer

"Protects the mattress from... everything! And better yet, it stays cool"

Jenny - Verified Reviewer

"Protection for the new mattress is a must. This mattress protector is a perfect fit and gives you peace of mind knowing your investment in a new mattress is protected."

Jake C. - Verified Reviewer

"The mattress protector is great because it fits like a fitted sheet. It is easily removable for laundering. I did have to run it 2x through spin cycle because it retained more water than I expected. Perhaps that is a good thing when it comes to mattress protection though. Also, a very positive thing is that you don't feel hot with this product therefore, it makes for comfortable sleeping with no increased sweat."

Rich A. - Verified Reviewer

"So far very good. My husband washed it before we put it on the bed. It washed well. It is generously deep and was easy to put on the bed. It also stays put, which was a problem with our old mattress pad. Great 👍 product."

Patricia - Verified Reviewer

"It actually does stay cool while protecting my mattress - love it!"

Michael B. - Verified Reviewer

"The mattress protector is so soft, it enhances my mattress. It also protects extremely well. The day after we installed it, my child spilled an entire soft drink on the bed. The mattress was perfectly dry and sound underneath the protective cover."

Mike Z. - Verified Reviewer

"Its easy to put on, will be getting another one for my sons bed. UPDATE: My dang dog peed on my bed, and and held up to its claim, the pee didnt reach my bed. Im thankful for that, because I can at least wash the cover. It is waterproof like they said. Two thumbs up for it. I finally got one for my sons bed too."

Marisha - Verified Reviewer

"I purchased several very pricey brands assuming they would do the job. But no! Noisy and slippery so sheets kept sliding. Ridiculous! I own and love my Dosaze pillows and pillow protectors. So why not, I thought. Bought one and then another once I saw how great the product was. And not nearly as expensive as the designer ones that didn't even work! No noise or slipping or sliding. Just a good night's sleep!"

Holly - Verified Reviewer

"This is a good protector and it fits perfectly on my mattress. I really recommend getting one if you have a young kid who will be on this mattress. It is waterproof but feels just like the material on the mattress."

Penny J. - Verified Reviewer

"Outstanding! This mattress cover is exactly what we wanted. Thin enough to let us enjoy our new mattress but made of a material that protects the mattress from moisture and tough enough to last."

Robert M. - Verified Reviewer

"I feel better knowing my mattress is protected. Best part is, you can't even tell it is there!."

Danny - Verified Reviewer

"Very nice mattress portector. It works well . I can't even tell it is there which is a big plus. Easy to put on as well."

Peter K. - Verified Reviewer

"Bought this after I woke up feeling like my body was burning with our previous waterproof mattress protector. There were a lot of reviews saying this one didn’t run hot, and it’s true! It’s like it isn’t even there, which is exactly what I wanted. Would definitely repurchase if I ever needed another one."

Diane K. - Verified Reviewer

Not your average mattres protector.

Designed by Experts

Stays cool all night

60 Night Sleep Trial

Certified 100% Waterproof

Free US & Canada Shipping

3 Year Warranty

Not your average mattress protector.

Designed by Experts

Stays cool all night

60 Night Sleep Trial

Certified 100% Waterproof

Free US & Canada Shipping

3 Year Warranty

Built different.

Waterproof & Stain Resistant

Our proprietary Glacier-pro™ bamboo fabric not only keeps you cool, but is also waterproof and stain resistant. We tested it for hundreds of washes to make sure will protect your mattress investment for years to come.

Stays Cool All Night

Dosaze Glacier-pro™ Bamboo Blended fabric pulls heat away from your body and dissipates it, keeping you cool all night.

Minimal Noise

Our mattress protector does not crinkle and create noise that interrupts your sleep. No annoying white noise - we promise!


How does the technology in the mattress protector work?

The Dosaze™ Cooling Bamboo Mattress Protector is designed to extend the life of your mattress while also improving your sleep experience. Patented bamboo-blended, silver-infused fabric means our protector is soft, breathable, silent, and waterproof.  

☁️ Protects against allergens, bed bugs, dust mites and stains.

☁️  Glacier-pro ™ bamboo fabric keeps you cool and sweat-free

☁️ Anti-microbial silver combats bacteria, protects your mattress, and is gentle on all skin types

☁️ Stain repellant keeps your mattress clean longer

☁️ 100% waterproof lining effectively blocks liquids

☁️ Quiet & super soft — no white noise!

☁️ Stays in place with a high-quality elastic band

What's the difference between the Dosaze™ Cooling Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector and other mattress protectors I've tried?

Short answer: our fabrics, technology and commitment to comfort.

The Dosaze mattress protector extends the life and quality of your mattress by keeping it sealed from moisture and dust-mites.

Our silver-infused, waterproof fabric has been rigorously tested to provide the best of both worlds.

Can I put sheets over my mattress protector?

Yes you can! In fact, we highly encourage this. While for many the comforter can feel soft enough to sleep on, we generally recommend using sheets!

What are the materials in the mattress protector?

Proprietary bamboo blend, waterproof fabric infused with silver and treated with stain repellent.

How do I wash my Dosaze™ Cooling Bamboo Waterproof Mattress Protector?

Place your Waterproof Mattress Protector in the washing machine with gentle detergent.

Use the gentle/delicates or low setting on your washer with cold water.

Remove promptly from your washer when the cycle is complete and place in the dryer on low (use dryer balls, if possible).

Where do you ship? Is it free?

We offer free shipping the for the US and Canada!

I'd like to place an International order outside of Canada, do you offer international shipping?

We can ship orders internationally, but you may have to pay duties upon arrival. If you want to place an international order, please reach out to us at and we will assist you.

Do you offer returns? How does the trial work?

We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in the quality of our pillow, so we want all our customers to be happy. If you have an issue, please contact our customer support team at

What is route package insurance and how does it work?

Route is an package insurance provider that you can purchase to protect your order in the case that it gets stolen once delivered. If this does happen, you'll be able to file a claim to either get your money back or get an additional pillow free of charge.

Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 3-year warranty that covers and factory defects you have with your pillow. Just send us an email at, and we'll assist you!