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Dosaze™ Therapeutic Cooling Wedge Pillow

45 reviews

Our Dosaze™ Therapeutic Cooling Wedge Pillow was specifically designed by ergonomists to promote proper sleep posture in an elevated position. 

Quell snoring, back pain, acid reflux or sleep apnea by sleeping at an elevated angle. Looking to lounge? Prop up it up for back support or slip it under your legs for some lumbar relief.

Advanced Cooling Nanoporous fabric wicks heat and moisture away from your body

 Removable, washable cover

 Cooling gel layer

 Great for reducing acid reflux and GERD symptoms

 Our premium memory foam is CertiPUR-US® Certified

Luxe Memory Foam

Soothing, Ergonomic Shape

Cooling Gel Layer

Elevate Your Position, Soothe Your Spine

The Dosaze™ Therapeutic Wedge Pillow is specifically designed to elevate your back and neck, improving (or even, eliminating) a number of severe symptoms for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

Elevate Your Neck & Back

Elevating your neck and back when you sleep has numerous health benefits and can relieve a number of chronic sleep issues, including acid reflux, sleep apnea, and back pain.

Stay Cool All Night

Our cooling gel material regulates your body temperature all night, while our Dosaze™ Air Foam provides the perfect balance of support and comfort. This rigorously tested material relieves pressure points so you can sleep soundly all night long.

Use It For More Than Sleeping

Our wedge pillow is great for reading or watching TV - just orient it the opposite way for maximum viewing or reading comfort.

Free US Shipping

60 Night Sleep Trial

3 Year Warranty

Dosaze™ Therapeutic Cooling Wedge Pillow




Customer Reviews
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E. Conti
United States United States

A wish- FINALLY granted!

I purchased the therapeutic wedge pillow several weeks ago, and it is a wish come true. I've slept on my side for decades, but my ear would always hurt being against a firm support pillow. I've tried sleeping on my back, but after a while, my lower back would start to hurt- even putting a pillow under my knees didn't help. But, the incline of the wedge pillow keeps my lower back free of any ache. I do use a small down pillow under my head, as it is more comfortable. I've been an insomniac for nearly 50 years, but this is the best I've ever slept!

United States United States

Love it!!!!


George O.
Gainesville, FL


This has been nice for hubby that snores and has mild sleep apnea and nighttime heartburn. The angle is not too high, and he still uses a pillow on top for softness and to raise it up a bit more.

Jennifer A.
Boston, MA

Nice people to deal with. Good product.

This is a very large wedge pillow. It works well for me to not have acid reflux and trouble breathing at night

Austin, TX

Wedge pillow

This product has been a game changer for sleeping. I purchased it to help with acid reflux caused by a medical condition. Not only have I not had reflux since using this wedge pillow it helped tremendously with relief for my shoulder pain. Great product!

Timothy F.
San Francisco, CA

Sturdy Wedge Pillow!

Strong enough to place your whole body against it or use it even as a lap desk!

Gemma G.
Irvine, CA

Firm support, great for people with acid reflux!

I suffer from breathing issues and acid reflux, so I usually stack up a huge pile of pillows so that I can basically sleep sitting up. The problem with this is that it can be really hard on your back because there's nothing really supporting the lower back. Also, it's really easy to wake up with neck pain if you're laying in a weird position on some of the pillows. Anyway, I bought myself one of these for Mother's Day, and I really like it. I put a pillow on top because this is very firm. My lower back is supported, too. I'm very pleased with the product and I hope it helps you, too! P.S. even though it was folded for packaging, mine plumped right up!

Boston, MA

great features.

I bought this pillow a few months ago and I am happy I did.

Austin, TX

Great for my back

Absolutely love the wedge for my back. Purchased one for me and my husband.

Frank P.
Austin, TX

Made me stop snoring

This wedge made me stop snoring loud. Now it's just sounds like I breath little louder. I have used mouth guards to stop snoring and they do work but my teeth hurt which made me look for another alternative. This was it, first night that I have used this my snoring got little better and I had to get used to the wedge since I have been sleeping on pillows for years. 4-5 nights into owning this wedge my snoring was reduced to just breathing little louder. I feel rested and I don't keep my wife awake throughout the night anymore. I sleep on my back, but I also sleep on my side with this wedge. Is little less comfortable than back but it does work and help me with my main issue which again it's snoring.

Tammy C.
San Francisco, CA

This is an absolute life saver.

I was having trouble breathing at night. I would wake up in the middle of the night, starving for oxygen. Doctors have no idea why. I also don’t have sleep apnea or acid reflux. My heart and lungs are very healthy, yet I can’t breathe! I’m young, very healthy, active, nutritious diet but I have this strange condition. The cardiologist and pulmonologist just can’t seem to find anything wrong. I took matters into my own hands and bought this. This pillow is a life saver! It keeps me breathing all night long and the next morning I feel rested and ready for my day. It took a bit of time to get used to sleeping on this but now it’s comfortable being elevated. I still wish I could sleep normally but I’m grateful for any relief I get. If you have trouble breathing at night, this is your answer. Just make sure to put a nice comfy pillow under your head while using this.

Lexi J.
United States

This is an amazing triangle and I cannot imagine going back to sleeping without it

It expanded promptly when I removed it from the packaging. It has just the right amount of soft and squishy give, and just the right amount of solid support, no matter how I lay on it. It maintains its form well. Ever since I have begun sleeping on it in a semi-upright manner, my burgeoning back pain has disappeared, and I wake up quite comfortable. It is much better than certain other support pillows I have tried that felt more like hard blocks; this most excellent triangle is quite similar to the hundred dollar memory foam pillow I had the good fortune to be gifted in the past. There *is* something of a possibility of sliding down it; I would recommend having it pushed back up against a headboard or something similar, so you can shuffle yourself back up it easily. I suspect it would also be quite useful on a sofa (or just a lower headboard than the one I have) so that your head doesn't bump into anything at the top; I am 5'3"-ish, and sleep on it so that my whole lower back all the way to the top of my head fits upon it just-so, but I'm not sure how well that would work for people taller than me or those with a longer torso. I assume those shorter than me would be fine though. All in all, a very superior triangle, would buy again.

Irvine, CA

Never Slept Better!!

I have never slept better after I started sleeping on my Dosaze Therapeutic Wedge Pillow!!

Stuart M.
Dallas, TX

Comfortable. Looks like it will last

Well made. Foam is resilient, firm and comfortable. Looks like it will last. There was some smell after unpacking it (was vacuum packed to be small) but it went away quickly. Slept on it the first night.

Lance W.
Bentonville, AR

70-80% Snoring Reduction

I bought this as one of many modalities to try and eliminate my snoring. I tried all sorts of things like strips, inserts, diet changes etc. to no avail. I was using the SnoreLab app nightly to track my snoring. I picked up one of these wedges and without the wedge my score was 55-75 every night. Once I started using the wedge it dropped to 10-18. My girlfriend never wakens or is bothered by me snoring ever since. Only issue for me is if you're a side sleeper, which I am, it can be a little tricky to find the most comfortable positions. But hey, it works, and at a great price. Would recommend.

Scott S.
New York, NY

Firm, soft, and cooling.

Shipping was precisely as stated. Product description was accurate. We bought this pillow in an attempt to relieve eye pressure due to glaucoma in one eye and a rather serious eye injury in the other. Bonus: cut the snoring down by 80-90%!! Perfect slope (not too steep) He's only been using it for a week, so I can't comment on quality longevity, yet. I will say that my hubby is 220 lbs and most of that is up top (shoulders/chest area) So were going to give it a good test! Lol Will try to update after some time had passed.