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I immediately saw improvement

Switching from my Tempur-Pedic side-sleeper pillow to this Dosaze™ Contoured Orthopedic Pillow was an excellent decision! I immediately saw improvement in my neck pain and in my sleep. I'd recommend the switch to anyone who sleeps on their side or moves around during their sleep.

very comfortable

This is truly shredded foam and very comfortable. Way better than other brands that have large hard pieces that are uncomfortable

Hight Quality

High quality foam. Super soft and easy to work with. Will purchase more for future projects.

It’s just what I was looking for

It’s just what I was looking for

The only one that works

The only article that really delivers if needed. good quality

Fine but a bit pricey

Fine but a bit pricey

I like the way it comes compact and then expands. Let it expand fully be for using.

Great mattress protector

I did lots of research on finding the best mattress protector without paying a high price. I have to say I’m pleased with this product. It’s a soft material and doesn’t crinkle under the sheets. It fits the mattress nicely. I’m very happy with the product and am glad l chose Dosaze.

Well made and durable

This product is well made and exactly what I was looking for. Great waterproof cover, durable

Good product and economically friendly

I was looking for an option to fluff up our couch cushions. I've never had the best of luck with poly fill and figured this would be a great alternative. The product comes in a fairly small package, but expands once it is out of the box so don't be fooled when it arrives. It gave a much more full and firm filling than other options out there and was inexpensive.

Comments about Cooling Waterproof Protector

Very happy with this mattress protector. It is soft and water repellent. It has kept the mattress dry with accidents and I love how safe it is for our family. Bought more for all the beds in our house.


Happy with this product. My toddler has had few times where accidents soaked through sheet to mattress protector. It has stayed dry & protected mattress great. Washed & dried easily, came out like new still.

Dosaze™ Cooling, Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow
P. T.
side sleeper pillow

I've only slept on it for 3 nights because I received it as a Christmas present .but so far I really like it compared to my old my pillow. only reason for 4 stars is because I thought it was a little pricey

Dosaze™ ThermaCool Temperature Regulating Pillow
great sleep

Love my new Dosaze ThermaCool Pillow. Pillow stays cool & is very comfortable.

It works!

I bought the king sized protector to protect a new latex mattress from my toddler. When I got it, out didn't smell all but I washed out anyway before putting it on our bed. The first night, my daughter spilled milk in the bed and the mattress stayed dry.

Great pillow for side and back sleepers

I’ve had my Dosaze contour pillow for several months now and will never use another one. I turn over several times a night, and easily find the middle place when I’m on my back and the slightly higher side area for sleeping on my side. I will even take it on vacation despite its size instead of a smaller travel pillow I used in the past. The customer service is great too!

Dosaze™ Contoured Orthopedic Pillow
Tammy B. (Hopewell, US)
Best pillow

Love it most comfortable pillow I've ever owned, totally worth the money!

Good quality!

Love this filler. Daughter made a bench seat pillow and some throw pillows for her seat. Good quality, though it does come out in small pieces.

Dosaze™ Contoured Orthopedic Pillow
Francisco M. (San Juan, PR)
Life Changing!

It is not an overstatement to say that this pillow has made a change in my life. I've had to live with problems in the vertebrae at my lower back and neck for years and like most all of the reviewers here, I have tried many types of pillows with varying success. In casual conversation with my daughter in law I complained about how I would wake up during the night from the pain in my neck and how much my lower back ached in the mornings. She and my son had been using the dosaze pillow for a while and spoke so highly of it that on the spot placed an order right then and there. The delivery time was faster than I expected and the tracking updated were very welcome so when I received the pillow I already felt good about it. On the morning after first trying the pillow I woke up and it took me a while to realize I had gotten out of bed faster than I would normally do and that I had not had any neck pain during the night. I felt great but I did not credit that with it having to do with the dosaze pillow. Then after the fourth day of waking up rested and with considerably less pain in my lower back, there was no way to deny that it was the dosaze pillow that was the reason for the relief I was feeling. I try to review products that turn out to be good for me but I normally don't take this much time to review them. This time, though, since this pillow has had such a life changing effect on my wellbeing, I felt I could and should share it with others who are going through what I had been going through in hope that they can find the relief I have found. All the best!

Would recommend

The pad fits snugly and feels breathable. It stays put with deep pockets and after washing has no off odor.

Happy in New York

In this hype-ful world, it’s been just wonderful finding the Dosaze orthopedic pillow. It really, truly minimizes my neck pain and stiffness. Also great for shoulder pain. Just this week I had to sleep three nights without it and neck issues came roaring back. What a brilliant product! Thank you.

Best. Pillow. Ever.

I am fairly fit and active but I have osteoarthritis throughout my body, including my neck and spine. For years I have been trying various types of pillows (including the P.C. Side Sleeper Pro) but I always wake up with a sore and stiff neck. Well I have been sleeping on your wonderful Dosaze pillow for the past week and this is what I have been searching for! I roll during the night and this pillow is super comfortable on my back or my sides. It really beats all the other "orthopedic" foam pillows I've found and tried.

Highly recommend

This is by far a superior waterproof mattress cover! It is so soft, and even though it has just the tiniest bit of crinkle feel to it, you don't notice it when sleeping on it. I'm so thankful to have this option to protect my son's organic mattress.

This product is extremely well made

This product is extremely well made and should last a long time. Fit is good for


I have been looking for a pillow for years and have tried many different ones. This one works! I was waking up with severe headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and back pain. That has all gone away while using this pillow. I have finally found the one!!